Short walk to Ansioa

The Alburgue yesterday had a pool with cool water which was wonderful to soak in.

Today’s walk was a 4km climb, and then gradual downhill. After 3 days of climbing this was a great way to finish the uphill stretch.

The town had many pastry shops to choose from and they were all inviting. What are we supposed to do except indulge after a good walk.

Tomar and beyond

We enjoyed walking to the castle and then by the river in Tomar. The castle was originally built in the 1200 by the moors and then taken over by the Templar’s. It was further added on over the centuries and is well preserved.

Yesterday we left Tomar for Calvinho, a tiny little village up in the hills with no restaurant and no Wi-Fi. There were five pilgrims in a converted school house alburgue. We were able to buy few vegetables and Pasta and had a nice home cooked meal.

Today we started early as it was mostly uphill and we wanted to avoid the heat. We are now settled in a nice place in Cortico after 16 km walk.

Eucalyptus forest

We used yesterdays rest day to jump ahead to Golega about 32 km ahead as there were not many stoping spots in between to stay.

We are done with rains for now but the temperature was going to be in the mid eighties so we started at 6:20. Our goal was 19 km and then take transportation to complete the 32 km stage to Tomar. Morning was foggy and misty, perfect morning for a walk.

We were happy to find ourselves in a Eucalyptus forest as the sun was heating up.

We are now in the town of Tomar. We have had a nice lunch, warm shower, a little bit of rest. Time to explore the town.

Slogging and sloshing

After three straight days of 20 km walks, today we had the choice of 13 km or 32km. We made a wise decision of going for 13.

Before I go to our journey, a little tidbit of information on the majority of the people here at Azambuja. The Alburgue has 12 beds with 2 for overflow. They had to turn away 4 pilgrims to a nearby hotel. Since I don’t know all the exact ages I will break it down into two categories. Over 50 and below 50.

Over 50 group included Llew from New Zealand, two sisters from Ireland, four gentlemen from France.

From 20 to 50 group included two Germans, two Canadians, one girl from Czech Republic, one girl from Seattle who is studying in Brussels, one girl from Korea.

We have also met two Ukrainian, and another Canadian lady but they were staying in another town last night.

Here is one scene and our big room with the bunk beds.

Today we started out without rain along the estuary. It was peaceful and pleasant.

After about hour and a half the rain came with a fury. It rained with a vengeance most of the way. Our shoes were so full of water we could jerk and the water would ooze out. We were. Slogging and sloshing our way through the second half. Five of us from the last Alburgue are here with us. The rest decided to go another 20 km.

Walking in the Rain

Yesterday when we checked on weather, rain was forecasted for next four days. While in Camino if you are prepared you continue. Everyone in the alburgue was prepared for a sloggy day. One problem with rain is you don’t take enough breaks and rest only when there is shelter. I have tried to capture few pictures when rain let up. And managed to make a new friend. Please Enjoy

Rio Tejo

We walked from Alpriat to Villa Franco de Xira which is situated at the bank of Rio Tejo. This is the same River that goes by Lisbon before merging into Atlantic Ocean. Our walk was about 18km and with the hot temperatures in the forecast started earlier than yesterday.

Experimenting with new features of the camera