Walking in the Rain

Yesterday when we checked on weather, rain was forecasted for next four days. While in Camino if you are prepared you continue. Everyone in the alburgue was prepared for a sloggy day. One problem with rain is you don’t take enough breaks and rest only when there is shelter. I have tried to capture few pictures when rain let up. And managed to make a new friend. Please Enjoy

7 thoughts on “Walking in the Rain

  1. Terry Kinnard

    Love the flower photos. Nice to walk in the rain once in while. Can’t do that in Arizona most of the time. Enjoying your updates

  2. sakkar01

    i remember slogging it through the rain especially on our way to O’Cebreio and also when we were about to cross over into Spain from Portugal. nice pictures

  3. Ann Moeder

    Whatever you did to your camera certainly worked…gorgeous pictures of flowers! Is that a stork nest on the chimney? Lobster friend? Your grand nephew has a beautiful smile Love, Ann and Dan

  4. Sam Jiwani

    Walking in the rain must be rough especially not being able to take desired breaks. Rain or shine – the cheerful smile on the faces of you both says spirits are high.


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