Eucalyptus forest

We used yesterdays rest day to jump ahead to Golega about 32 km ahead as there were not many stoping spots in between to stay.

We are done with rains for now but the temperature was going to be in the mid eighties so we started at 6:20. Our goal was 19 km and then take transportation to complete the 32 km stage to Tomar. Morning was foggy and misty, perfect morning for a walk.

We were happy to find ourselves in a Eucalyptus forest as the sun was heating up.

We are now in the town of Tomar. We have had a nice lunch, warm shower, a little bit of rest. Time to explore the town.

4 thoughts on “Eucalyptus forest

  1. taimour01

    I didn’t know they have Eucalyptus trees in Portugal. They are native to Australia. We have lots of them in California, they were planted because they grow quickly, however they are also a fire risk and tend to dominate their ecosystems.

  2. Ahmed Hussein

    32 KM? And you took time to relax and take such beautiful pictures that need so much focus and attention. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful experience. Great Job, Zaahir and Enayet. Great to see your smiling faces despite such a tough trip.

    Love Linda and Ahmed



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