Rest day

We have completed 100km and it is time for a rest day. Here are some views of Santarem from yesterday. A beautiful hill town with population of 30,000 people.

5 thoughts on “Rest day

  1. Pat

    Looks lovely. But from my phone, anyway, the photos are very small (about half the size, or even smaller, of what I used to see). Can this be corrected on your side, is it a problem on my end?

  2. sakkar01

    100 km already? really? to us just reading your blogs and not doing the walking, it did not seem that you had already walked 100 km but i am sure to you guys actually doing the walking, your legs must be screaming!!! good job Zaahir – you are doing well for a first-timer on the Camino! Keep it up.

  3. caminocarla

    Eniyet , your photos are beyond lovely what camera are you using ? I love the way you have captured the narrow streets with the mosaics. Buen camino . Where did you and Pat start your journey and where is the last place ? Take care Carla

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