Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Enayet Jiwani, Senior Vice President of R&D

 Born in the East and educated in the West, Enayet brings with him his real life experience of perceiving the world through multiple lenses of culture, spirituality, and compassion. He has been a practitioner of yoga, meditation, introspection and journey of self-evolution and development. He is a senior executive leading large teams to professional success and along the way, mentoring and coaching many of his employees to personal success.

In this exploration of Work-Life balance, you will learn about the power of the mind, and techniques to harvest that power. Transform your thinking about your emotional and physical well-being and leave ready to tackle Life’s challenges and mysteries.

As a corporate executive, I lead a very busy life.  Carving out time to bring spirituality into my every day work and life has been a journey of learning and growing.  In the next hour I describe how to live in the world and have a full work life yet find ways to stay balanced and joyful from moment to moment and challenge to challenge.

This lecture was given in Washington, DC to a large audience of business people in helping them shape and find their own form of life balance.  Enjoy



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