Enayet Jiwani

Enayet Jiwani

Born in the East and growing up in the West I bring a unique blend of perspective to my journey in this life.  Living a balanced life is what I am all about.  I enjoy the spiritual and mystical side of the East keenly balanced with the success and materialism of the West, which allows me to live on the razors edge and enjoy every success and failure for the impostors that they both are.

My Team:

2012-09-09 12.16.48


My wonderful wife Pat.  Great mother and always taking care of her family.




My oldest daughter Sitara.  Recently graduated from CU.  Full of life and and always looking for an adventure.



My Sister Sakkar.  One of the most caring, loving, and giving person I know.

Sedona 168


Vandana – A great family friends with two beautiful daughters and two grand daughters.VANDANA

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