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EBC Bound – 2

After lunch at Gorekshep we continued up another 3 hours to the Base Camp. You could see the Khumbu glacier and Khumbu ice falls. The original Base Camp was destroyed by the glacier and there was a make-shift Base Camp. 

It was a glorious feeling to finally celebrate our accomplishment. A most difficult and memorable trek of our lifetime!

EBC Bound

We had waited a long time for this day. We woke up early to get started and it turned out to be a gorgeous morning. We were at the footsteps of these gigantic mountains. Stunning AMA Dablam to the right. Loptse covering all but the peaks of Everest and Nuptde to the left of Everest.  We could almost touch them but we still had miles to cover before we reach the base. 

The five amigos were ready for the challenge after braving the ups and downs of the Himalayas. 

Our steps were slow and deliberate due to lack of Oxygen. We climbed steadily towards Gorekshep where we would have our lunch and leave all unnecessary items for the last push for EBC. Our goal was to return back down by darkness to Gorekshep for the night. 

Dingboche to Lobuche 

We are finally climbing into unknown territory. All our training has been under 14,000 feet. We are now heading into over 16,000 feet. The morning climb is gradual with beautiful vistas. The terrain now is rocky and devoid of trees.  Views are spectacular again. 

There are not as many villages at this altitude, so we need to carry more water, which means more weight. Lunch at 15,000 feet is simple. Ramen soup, and fries. 

We can see the hour + long climb in front of us, so we take our time resting and eating lunch. 


On the top of this hill is the memorial for all the climbers who perished trying to conquer Everest.  I was beginning to look ahead in anticipation of the next day which would be our final ascent to Base Camp as the culmination of our quest for EBC. 

Views from Dingboche

When we arrived at Dingboche it was foggy. Morning views were amazing!m as the sun was shining. 


Today was our second and last acclimatization day which meant climbing about a 1000 feet straight up and then climbing back down before lunch. 

The Morning hike – 2

It is hard to capture the sights and sounds in a picture, so I captured the video of one of the bridge crossings. 

We continued on to Dingboche to finally get our first glimpse of Mt. Everest.  It’s the little tip in the center of the photo.

The view did not last long as the clouds were moving constantly. We continued enjoying the gorgeous trek. 

It was a relief to finally see the glimpse of our destination for the day. 

It’s time for pictures 

We finished our hike yesterday and this morning we flew from Lukla to Kathmandu. It is strange to be back in civilization with noise and air pollution. 

For 11 days we were in pristine nature where there were no cars or bicycles.  The mode of transportation was Sherpa and Yaks. 


Next blog we will continue picture journey to EBC. 

We made it to EBC

It was a grueling day. We walked from Lebouche to Gorekshep (- 17,000 feet). Had our lunch and headed to EBC (- 17,600 feet).  After spending some time at EBC, we are back in Gorekshep for the night. It was a gorgeous day with sunshine and clear skies.  The views of the majestic mountains made the Trek worthwhile. Unfortunately, the internet won’t allow me to load any pictures, so I will have to add pictures when I have better connections. Thanks for everyone’s best wishes and comments. 

We are at 16,210 feet

We arrived in Lebuche this afternoon from Dingboche. Walking over 12KM and climbing almost 2,000 feet is a unique experience. Every step is deliberate and every incline is felt. Walking in this beautiful heven is the solace that keeps you going. Every breath feels precious. Beauty is changing constantly as the clouds reveal or hide the surreal mountain range in all directions. 

Tomorrow we ascend to Everest Base Camp and begin our return descent, as there is no place to stay there!

Pictures to follow