We made it to EBC

It was a grueling day. We walked from Lebouche to Gorekshep (- 17,000 feet). Had our lunch and headed to EBC (- 17,600 feet).  After spending some time at EBC, we are back in Gorekshep for the night. It was a gorgeous day with sunshine and clear skies.  The views of the majestic mountains made the Trek worthwhile. Unfortunately, the internet won’t allow me to load any pictures, so I will have to add pictures when I have better connections. Thanks for everyone’s best wishes and comments. 

12 thoughts on “We made it to EBC

  1. Carla pai

    Congrats to you, Pat and Vandana . What a great achievement . Thank you for taking me on this journey . I can’t wait to see the proud smiles on your faces . Good luck with the climb down


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