Dingboche to Lobuche 

We are finally climbing into unknown territory. All our training has been under 14,000 feet. We are now heading into over 16,000 feet. The morning climb is gradual with beautiful vistas. The terrain now is rocky and devoid of trees.  Views are spectacular again. 

There are not as many villages at this altitude, so we need to carry more water, which means more weight. Lunch at 15,000 feet is simple. Ramen soup, and fries. 

We can see the hour + long climb in front of us, so we take our time resting and eating lunch. 


On the top of this hill is the memorial for all the climbers who perished trying to conquer Everest.  I was beginning to look ahead in anticipation of the next day which would be our final ascent to Base Camp as the culmination of our quest for EBC. 

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