Rio Tejo

We walked from Alpriat to Villa Franco de Xira which is situated at the bank of Rio Tejo. This is the same River that goes by Lisbon before merging into Atlantic Ocean. Our walk was about 18km and with the hot temperatures in the forecast started earlier than yesterday.

Experimenting with new features of the camera

5 thoughts on “Rio Tejo

  1. Ahmed Hussein

    Thank you Enayet and Zaahir for including us in the mail.

    Heartiest congratulations to Zaahir for joining Enayet on this exciting but very challenging journey.

    Linda and Ahmed


  2. Bob & Lizette Wellauer

    We’re happy to know you are doing the Camino again. Your journeys with comment and photography are always an inspiration. Thanks. We wish you two a meaningful and memorable journey.


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