Longest day of hiking

Today was the hottest day we have had during tour du Mont Blanc. Today was also the longest day (27 km), and the longest descent (over 4,000 feet). We started the day with a 3,000 feet climb. Today’s descent was probably the steepest and now I see why so many people do TMB in clockwise direction!

Here are the highlights of today’s hike in pictures.

5 thoughts on “Longest day of hiking

  1. PATRICIA M Jiwani

    Oh, wow, that’s steep!! I see the tops of others’s heads below you!! Many steep photos! Congratulations on completing your hike today!! Enjoy the evening!! Sleep well!!

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  2. Agnes DeDoncker

    it looks like it is hard work but the beauty of it make it all better I would think, such beautiful scenery and the flowers such bright colors thanks again for sharing

  3. Amy Bertorelli

    Steep price for that beauty. Hopfully you are staying in a place with a good bed and great food!

  4. Al & Pam

    All I can say is “WOW!” Your journey so far has been amazing. Wish we were there with you. The beautiful pictures make us feel as though we almost are. Take care!


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