End of the TMB

Thank you to all of you who followed the blog, wished us luck, and sent comments which we cherish. The 100-mile trek around Mont Blanc comes to an end with a nice ride down the mountain on a tramway, so while we had to climb 3,000 feet up, the descent was a breeze.

After a week off we start our next adventure in England walking the Coast to Coast route from St. Bees to Robin Hood’s Bay.

We were on a mountain resort town last night, and finally it rained cats and dogs after we had finished hiking. It also rained today–also right after we had finished our hike! Phew!

Today’s hike started along the river for the first hour before we began our climbing.

8 thoughts on “End of the TMB

  1. Amy Bertorelli

    Looks like the hiking gods have been with you on this trip. May it continue on you next trek.
    Thanks for sharing the way with us!!!

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Thanks for taking us along on a beautiful hike around Mont Blanc and sharing extra-ordinary sceneries and exotic wild flowers. Good luck with Coast to Coast hike in England in a week…

  3. Penny Eppers

    Wow! Do your shoes ever wear out? How long are you in Europe for? We are going in late August for 5 weeks but via car, planes and trains🤗
    Your pics are amazing esp the flowers.🌸
    Happy Traveling,
    Penny Eppers


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