Another beautiful but hike

We ended up hiking another 3,300 feet climb and descent and walking 25 km. It was pleasant when we started but got most of the. We are now back in France. Tonight we stay in a Refugio which means bunk bed and shared bathrooms. This is a campground type area and seems to have very few amenities. No WiFi here so not sure I can even post anything, but on the way over I saw a sign indicating someone was offering WiFi for a price. Not sure it will allow me to upload pictures but I will check it out as I wait for Dinner.

4 thoughts on “Another beautiful but hike

  1. Sam Jiwani

    25km with all the ups and downs must be rough. Hope you guys are keeping yourselves well nourished.

  2. PATRICIA M Jiwani

    Beautiful scenery! I see the bee photo! It looks cool and fresh there! Have a sweet sleep!

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