8th Wonder of the world

View from the restaurant last night as the sun was setting.

Today was a rest day so we decided to visit the Courmayeur city center for Italian coffee and gelato.

We then decided to take the skyway to the top, eye to eye, with Mont Blanc. So close you could almost kiss it. It was documented as the 8th wonder of the world! I would definitely say the view was breathtaking and amazing.

The top provided a 360 panoramic view of the whole range.

For the flower lovers, here is your daily dose.

5 thoughts on “8th Wonder of the world

    1. Jan Lewallen

      We were on the top of Mt. Blanc just less than a year ago with friends who had been up there many times (they live in the Aosta Valley in Italy). They are stunned at the rapid rate the glaciers are disappearing up there. The 360 degree view is magnificent, I agree.


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