Up and over

Last night we stayed in Le Fouly which has one hotel, L’edelweiss, which has the the best views from our balcony that we have seen so far.


Btw, above is the famous edelweiss flower (not what I imagined).

Today’s challenge was simple: Start climbing to the highest point of Tour du Mont Blanc (2537 meters), climb steadily 3,300 feet, step into Italy, promptly climb back down ’til you reach a Gelato parlor, enjoy, and you are done.

Sounds good to me! Did I forget to mention walking 25 KM? Piece of cake, or should I say, a cup of delicious Italian gelato.

Here we go for today’s story.

Tomorrow is a rest day! Just in time!

4 thoughts on “Up and over

  1. Agnes DeDoncker

    this are some beautiful pictures thank you for sharing as always makes me feel like I am right there with you


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