I did it my way

Hôtel Splendide last night turned out to be worthy of its name as it had wonderful views and a great meal.

Today we (Pat, Sakkar, and I) decided to set our own pace and go on our own. We left before the group and took a quick bus ride down to the valley floor to avoid the first descent of the day. From there it was a nice walk along the river gradually venturing up and down. Today’s hike reminded us of the Camino as we passed many villages and cute cottages.

The view from our balcony today even more amazing than yesterday.

As I leave you today, I will share this wise quote by a sage as we enjoy this beautiful scenery.

You are not sitting on the ground; you are sitting in the abode of God, the kingdom of heaven. In this aware state you will feel the presence of God within and everywhere.

4 thoughts on “I did it my way

  1. Sitara Jiwani

    Looks like it was a beautiful day:) I love the beautiful mountains. Nice couple shot as well!! Sending love

  2. Amy Bertorelli

    looks like the perfect day! Good idea to leave the group and set your own pace. Lovely photos, as usual. Good food makes for good hiking enjoyment!


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