It’s all a matter of perspective

After two grueling days of hiking, today felt like a breeze. Maybe we are getting conditioned or may be because today was half the climb of yesterday which also meant half the descent.

We again began the day climbing along the side of the mountain protected from sun and in the shelter of the trees.

Our reward for the climb was the working ranch that provides hikers an opportunity to eat fresh farm to mouth food served in a beautiful picnic area.

After a nice relaxing lunch it was time to tackle steep slippery descent. Fortunately it did not last and we finally had an opportunity to walk on flats and take full strides.

We are now settled in the beautiful town of Champonex with a beautiful lake and some gorgeous views of tomorrow’s start in Hôtel Splendide.

4 thoughts on “It’s all a matter of perspective

  1. Sitara Jiwani

    Wow! Looking handsome daddio! I love the photos. That place looks absolutely breathtaking. The mountains are gorgeous. Also, I love the sign “you can use toilets only if you consume”, directly translated online. Haha


    Hi Patty and Enayet: I have been going to email you since your first day when I assume you flew to Paris, hopped on a train and went to Chamonix! You both must be able to sleep on planes while I stay awake to hold them up!  Gorgeous pictures! Wonderful flowers, Enayet. Thank you! The terrain looks a little precarious at times, so be careful! It certainly is a beautiful area…the Mt. Blanc pictures are amazing. Love,Ann and Dan


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