Happy Cat

We enjoyed the old town of Città di Castello.

For today’s walk, there would be no accommodations for the next 30 km, and that would have been murder with our backpacks. So we opted for a ride to a halfway point and then began our day from there. (We heard that some people walk to the halfway point and then have a taxi bring them back on the same day, and then the next day the taxi takes them back to the halfway point to continue on).

We preferred our simple, one-day option, because getting out of large cities always involves city street walking and traffic.

The morning was cloudy and foggy with beautiful views of the mountains and valleys.

We did not meet any human pilgrims today, but we acknowledged a few like-minded pilgrims anyway.

We kept moving atop the undulating hills at a brisk pace, enjoying beautiful nature all around us.

We found a nice stop for our breakfast and an unlikely companion.

As soon as the kitten had enough to eat, it happily began chasing shadows. What a happy little cat, full of energy and adventure.

We continued on and were thankful for the clouds, especially during our long climbs.

Our first glimpse of Pietralunga was a welcome sight. Nestled in the side of a mountain, the old town looked inviting.

7 thoughts on “Happy Cat

  1. Amy Bertorelli

    Your were soooo wise to take a taxi to the halfway point. What a lovely walk beyond. Looked like a a perfect day…beautiful Italy.

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Beautiful views but not too many people to enjoy it. You are not coming across too many pilgrims. Is it that most pilgrims go during certain time of the year?

  3. Kellie Poulin

    Looks like a lovely, magical morning! Of course, it was made even more perfect with a bit of kitty energy. Pat you look so happy with that sweet being in your arms 🙂 Having fun vicariously walking with you (and eating all the beautiful food too – I think I’ve gained a few pound ha ha!!)
    Safe and beautiful journey!!

  4. sakkar01

    Being out in nature has its blessings – you both look so blissfully happy, like you are in Heaven- which perhaps you are – if there is Heaven on earth, it has to be on these beautiful nature trails and cute little small towns.

  5. Monique Henningfield-Paxton

    Sweet little kitty came to see you to just say hello, have a snack and go on it’s merry way. Love it!!


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