Discovering Italy

We will be completing two weeks of walking the Camino in Italy. We have had a wonderful time seeing these quaint little towns and paths that one would not even discover if one were driving or even riding a bike. But all of these joys come at a price. The two big ones so far have been the sore feet at the end of the day, and sometimes up and down climbing too many times a day.

Pietralunga is famous for its miracle of the axe. The story dates back to 1300’s. The town dates back to the Roman times and still has some structure from that period.

We left early as usual.

We met up with this couple from Belarus.

Morning walking is always our best time. The sun is still dozing and the air is fresh and cool.

A little while later we ran into the biggest encounter of pilgrims so far. The couple from Belarus, The Frenchman we had met a couple of days ago, and two Italians.

At that junction there was a variant that goes without climbing (the Belarus couple knew about it and choose that route). The rest of us took the hard way up.

We are happy to be done for today, and we look forward to our next rest day, hopefully after tomorrow’s walk!

8 thoughts on “Discovering Italy

  1. sakkar01

    What is the story of the axe? Looks like you guys aren’t taking any days off and the route seems to have a lot more climbing than Camino Frances- is that accurate? Is there service for someone to carry your backpack?

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Yes, this route has lot more climbing for sure. We found notes along the path especially after La Verna about bag shipping. We found quite a few people without backpacks who use them. We also found couple of Americans who are shipping the bag and traveling with a guide.

      1. sakkar01

        can you get info on the americans shipping the bag and travelling with a guide – I might consider doing that in the future if I end up doing it by myself (now that you guys have already done it, I wont have your company)!

  2. Penelope Eppers

    I wondered about sore feet. I had sore feet after walking and standing on cobble stones with local guides (and museums) on our Baltic States trip.
    Beautiful pics!
    Penny Eppers


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