Wonderful place

We loved our stay at Agriturismo Le Burgne. The place was on top of a mountain with nothing around.

We asked for a full dinner and it was delicious with many courses.

This morning we started early as usual. It was foggy/misty and the air was cool and damp from the rain yesterday.

We enjoyed our usual snack along the way.

It was a delightful walk except for the constant climb and drop (we moved through three mountains each time climbing and dropping 500 feet).

We finally saw the glimpse of our destination as we began our final descent.

All day we were on our own. As we were coming down we met our first French pilgrim of this trip.

We are now in the old town wandering and exploring.

5 thoughts on “Wonderful place

  1. Sam Jiwani

    The dinner last night sure looks like a feast. The ups and downs of hills must be tough – good thing unlike Spanish Camino, you get some good meals every now and then.

  2. sakkar01

    That dinner probably made the long walk and climb totally worthwhile; it looks not only so delicious but home made with love and very healthy! The good things in life often come with such efforts.


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