Goodbye Tuscany, Hello Umbria

Last night we explored the old town, and even though it was Sunday night, there were crowds on the street.

After eating Italian food for all these many days, when we saw the opportunity to try something different, we took it!.

The owner turned out to be from Jehlam in Pakistan. He and I enjoyed a conversation in Urdu/Hindi.

As usual, we left early this morning.

After backtracking our way back through the city streets, we were happy to find an old friend from our first Camino.

We crossed the Tiber river again and joined a path leading us through country roads.

We found our breakfast along the way, sweet figs, to get us nourished.

Crops of tobacco were growing everywhere. This time we saw beautiful flowers on top of the plant!

For the first time, we also found a café in one of the small towns along the way.

Seems like now that we are less than 100 KM from Assisi and in the province of Umbria, the way markers are much easier to follow and are plentiful.

The path became more natural and we began to climb.

After a long climb, we reached the town of Centra with a Panoramic view of the valley below. If you look carefully, you can barely see the town of La Verna, where were a few nights earlier, and maybe even make out the outline of the mountain where the Monastery is situated.

Since we were reminiscing about our first Camino, we found a place to have our lunch (our first non-picnic lunch on this trip so far).

It was a cute town worth spending more time, but we still had many more KM to walk.

We began going down again after our 500 ft climb.

Once we were down, after crossing a highway, we began our next climb again.

You can see the town where we had our lunch in the picture above.

We made it to our oasis for tonight on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere. It was just beginning to sprinkle, and as soon as we walked in, it started to pour outside as we were treated to homemade Gelato!!! What a way to end a hike!

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Tuscany, Hello Umbria

  1. Amy Bertorelli

    So glad you beat the rain and found a great reward at the end of you hike….Gelato! You are really experiencing the heart of Italy; the small towns with good food and friendly people. So interesting you found a Pakistani to break the Italian food binge and enjoy speaking in your native language.

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Beautiful shots, along the way, as usual. Now that you guys are getting closer to Assisi, you may run into more pilgrims.

  3. sakkar01

    I remember those long shadows! Enayet, I thought you guys were going to stop whenever you felt like it which means at any cute towns you pass so i am surprised that you keep going? I am assuming that is because you are trying to make sure you finish before its time for you to head back?

    1. ejiwani Post author

      I wish we could! No accommodations in that town. Place to stay was one km before or 6 km forward. We seldom see town in between with stores or accommodations.


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