Sound of Silence

It’s amazing what a night’s rest is for the body. After a 10 hour hike yesterday we woke up a bit creaky but fully refreshed. A little stretch and Yoga and the knowledge that today was half the climb (1,500 feet) and half the downhill and distance was enough to head us down for breakfast.

Calmandoli is a tiny village catering to outdoorsman in Italy. Nestled between national parks, it is like an oasis for the city dwellers.

There is also a monastery in this quiet nature preserve.

We began our climb into the forest immediately. There were no breathtaking panoramic views, just the glory of nature and the sound of silence.

Occasional chirping of the birds would blend in beautifully with the silence of the forest

Not feeling rushed we even sar down among the trees to count our blessings.

The forest turned into a lush marsh-like jungle.

Eventually we began heading down and witnessed the view of the valley below.

Badia Prataglia is another mountain town welcoming nature enthusiasts.

Of course who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

7 thoughts on “Sound of Silence

  1. Agnes De Doncker

    beautiful pictures – and I think after a long day the ice cream with some coffee seems so well deserved and it looks delicious

  2. Amy Bertorelli

    I feel like I was there with you. What a fine way to see Italy as most never do. I have some friends who are currently in Southern Italy, in the boot and the islands nearby. Such a diversity in that country. Cappuccino really helps and is a welcome prize, as is the gelato!

  3. Monique Henningfield-Paxton

    I agree with Agnes, the ice cream and coffee are a well deserved treat and oh how yummy they both look!!!

  4. sakkar01

    Wow, what a yummy breakfast spread. Love the forest pics – i think this is way more forests in a handful of days than the Camino Frances! I should do this path since I love walking through forests.


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