The Mountain beckons

We had the option of going through two mountain passes all in one shot (3,500 feet gain and 1,500 feet descent) or breaking the journey into two days making each day manageable.

We choose to climb 1,500 and stop at a cute little town, Biforco, along the way.

This morning we started descending to the bottom of last night’s village, Badia Prataglia, before beginning our 2 1/2 hour ascent.

At the bottom we found our first pilgrim fountain of the trip.

The climb was easier as the forest was moist and cool in the morning. The mind and body work in harmony, blocking out everything else in the world, as one finds one’s rhythm through the climb. It is very peaceful and meditative.

As we were nearing the top we met three German men. We had a very nice conversation and rest stop with them.

Today the trek down the mountain seemed long and arduous.

We finally stopped by a church to enjoy our lunch of pizza that we had purchased the night before.

By now the sun was in full force and the downhill going was slow.

Fortunately we found some black berries to nourish us as we headed for our home stretch.

We are settled in a cute B&B place in this town, Biforco, of few houses. They have one bar which is managed as a co-op. The host is cooking us a homemade ravioli dinner. He happens to be a cook in a restaurant in the next town (there are no restaurants in this town.)

11 thoughts on “The Mountain beckons

  1. Sam Jiwani

    Is the spider web for real – it looks huge. Beautiful views but quite a up and down hike. With no restaurant in town, good the chef from the other town decided to cook the much needed dinner.

  2. Jan Lewallen

    I am so loving your photos and commentary. You sound peaceful, grounded and calm. What a way to travel! The best, I say!! We have noticed that people in other countries take time to chat with friends over a drink and to take life less frantically! We like that and would like to do it more frequently!! Carry on and travel well.

  3. cojim

    Looks like a great adventure so far. The photos are great. Are you having any language issues? (My Italian makes my limited Spanish vocabulary look like a dictionary.)

  4. Amy Bertorelli

    Nothing better than homemade ravioli! Then you know you’re in Italy! What a nice surprise at the end of a difficult day!

  5. sakkar01

    Okay, I think I am caught up now with all your posts that I missed the last few days. This route so looks like one I would like to take, I should have quit and joined you guys.


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