Kindness sprinkled everywhere

Consuma’s population is only 150 people. The town has many vacation villas and vacation homes.

Irene is the proprietor of the main bar, restaurant, bakery, and pizzeria in this tiny town. She was also our host for the night. When we reached the bakery we asked for her and she drove us to her home where she has adjacent property with rooms to rent for pilgrims.

She also goes looking for lost pilgrims. Directions for the Trek are not the greatest in this early part of the trek, as quite a few people start from La Verne (we will be there in couple of days).

We had a nice room by this orchard full of plums, pears, peaches.

Her place is almost a kilometer from town, so she picked us up for dinner and then also took us back to her restaurant for breakfast.

Breakfast was at 7:30 and there would be no food along the way so we had to have breakfast there, then start at 8.

We immediately entered a forest and within a km were lost! After another km or so we saw a husband and wife collecting blackberries. They assured us we were not too far off route and would eventually connect back to the trail. Half an hour later they saw us walking toward the next town to pick up the trail. The couple offered us a ride to that town. Our Angeles names happen to be Gabrielle and Sondra. They live in Florence and own a summer home in Consuma.

We were happy to be back on trail without losing too much time or adding too many extra km to our hike. Directions in our book were again very suspect, but the local white-and-red trail signs guided us. It was a beautiful walk through the climbing forest (we did climb about 1,500 feet) but we also had quite a bit of downhill too.

We found a nice spot to have our lunch at the crest of the mountain.

Of course after lunch some fruits were in order!

We met two German girls a few times during the day as we passed each other. Inga and Kristina have the “tracks” for the hike up to Assisi, which they gave me, so if I am able to load them on my iPhone. I hope we won’t have to worry about getting lost again!

The rest of the hike continued to be pleasant except that we are still getting used to the heat and humidity.

We met up with Inga and Kristina again toward the end of our day along with the German couple Diter and Brigitte while we were admiring the head waters of the Arno river.

We are now settled in the river town of Stia for the night.

7 thoughts on “Kindness sprinkled everywhere

  1. Sam Jiwani

    Beautiful jungle but scary to getting lost in it. Good that you encounter angels every now and then. Now that you have the “tracks” on your iPhone, I am sure it will help. Also, great to meet other pilgrims on the way…

  2. Carolyn Loram

    Now you have me crying at my desk! What beauty: your adventure together; the lovely scenes; the flowers and olives, figs, grapes; and now an abundance of such positive interaction with so
    many loving people! We are so fortunate to accompany you two vicariously. Thank you!! Nani

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Hi Nani! You would love visiting with all the Germans we are meeting! We just met two more tonight who are hiking when we were eating pizza and a spaghetti dish to carbo-load. Tomorrow we have another 3000-ft gain, so we were “getting ready” for tomorrow. All the Germans are graciously speaking English with us.

  3. sakkar01

    How come the signs are red and white? Your room in Consuma looks really good – is there alburgues like we had in Spain? Lovely forests you are walking through!

  4. Sabza Jiwani

    Wow ! Nice pictures and you both look good and seems like going is not very tough so far ; wishing you both good luck and safe returns


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