Day of climbing

The festival turned out to be fairly typical of other festivals except seems that in Europe the real party begins after 9. We, on the other hand, like to get to bed by 9 on nights before we are hiking (although we were up until 1 during our visit to Fez to enjoy the Sacred Music of the World in June).

Here are some samplings of the pictures from the food festival.

This morning the weather was perfect. We started promptly at 6:30 just before the sunrise. It was cool but not for long as we began our climb immediately.

We found our first fruits of the hike. Nice figs and grapes.

We reached our first and only town along the way at around 10. We continued on up through the beautiful mountains surrounded by valleys.

We are now settled in a mountain town of Consuma. We have another climb to begin our hike in the morning but then we get to enjoy some downhill also!

14 thoughts on “Day of climbing

  1. sakkar01

    Looks like food truck night – the music is so beautiful – my kind of music – what do they call this kind of music? looks like you are walking through some beautiful forests?

  2. spmoeder22

    The food trucks could join Boston’s fleet that settle in different spots during the lunch hour! 😀. Are you and Patty walking by yourselves or are others with you or do you meet others making the same journey? The scenery is simply lovely!

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Hi Suzy! It is just Enayet and I. We are following a book that has the route and days mapped out, but it has way too much information which is distracting, and many typos in terms of distances, like 200 meters when it is in actuality 20, or 800 meters instead of actual 1800 meters. It threw us off this morning and we got lost. We have met a few other hikers and it is very comforting finding them out there…means we are on the right track. Love you, Sweetie! Are you up for this? Tomorrow we have another 3000-ft gain. There are no easy days! Haha!

      1. spmoeder22

        Some years ago I would have loved to but not now. I love to walk and do as often as I can but that’s a little too much to consider! I’m really enjoying your journey! Best wishes to you both!

  3. Sitara

    Love the good looking pizza!! The food looks exponentially better in Italy. Mama, love the black skirt. You look like a hip hiker!

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Hi honey! My black skirt comes with shorts underneath. They are so much cooler than my hiking pants that have so much fabric that holds in the heat. I’m even wearing short socks which help a lot! You would scamper up these hills, no problem, sweetie! Tomorrow we have another 3000-ft gain. Easy-peasy, right?


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