Hello from Nepal

This year’s adventure has brought us to Nepal. We (Pat, my lovely wife and life companion; Sakkar, my courageous sister – whose idea this was; and two friends, Vandana and Carol) are here to trek to Everest Base Camp (EBC).  The trek is not very long but requires us to climb from Lukla (elevation ~ 9,500 ft) to EBC (elevation ~ 18,500 ft).

We will begin our trek on September 2, 2017.  We will fly from Kathmandu to Lukla and then begin our 11 day trek.  We landed in Kathmandu a couple of days ago so we could enjoy beautiful and prestine Nepal. 

The last few days we have spent in Chitwan National Forest. We drove down from Kathmandu along the river. The road was very badly damaged due to heavy rains and mountain slides but the views were gorgeous.

We visited a local tribal village along the river to enjoy the sunset. 

This morning we went down the river in an old fashioned canoe carved out of a tree. In the afternoon it was a trip in the forest sitting on an elephant and observing spotted deer. 

21 thoughts on “Hello from Nepal

  1. Penny Eppers

    Wow what an awesome adventure!
    Good luck on the trek.
    In Africa we ran into a lady that had just climbed Kilimanjaro (6 days) she said it was the agony and the ecstasy.
    So will be looking forward to hearing all about your trek.
    We just climbed to see the Mt Gorillas in Rwanda (1hour straight up) and that was hard! And we each had a porter to carry our backpacks and haul us up.
    Enjoy and be safe. Penny

  2. sakkar01

    YES!!, the mystic is back to resume his blog!!!!! Looks like you are having fun. When I did this last year, the roads were being repaired so took a long time to get there but as you said, some of the scenery was so gorgeous!

  3. Carolyn Loram

    You all certainly know how to go for the gusto! Best of luck and happy days! I look forward, as always, to your commentary and photos.

  4. thirdspacechronicles

    Oh Boy! Another journey with the Jiwane’s. I love traveling the world with you. Great photos! Looking forward to more. Have a great adventure.

  5. Madhuri

    Wow looking forward to enjoying this adventure with you all. Wish we were with you. Take care be safe and enjoy. Lots of love

  6. Judy Davis

    I had asked Vandana if you’d be reporting your adventures and she wasn’t sure if you’d have access to the internet. So glad to view your travels. Enjoy and be safe. Are you sure that gigantic alligator was real or a left over from the dinosaur age?


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