6 thoughts on “Follow up about Neve and her five kids

  1. Penny Eppers

    Thank you Enayet. What an awesome article about the family. Thanks for sharing. How wonderful that you and Pat walked and ate with them along the trail. Amazing kids.. always looked happy in the photos and so supportive of each other and agreeable to walk 1,000 miles and roughing it. And an appreciation of the pilgrimage at their young ages! Really incredible.. Take Care, Penny Sent from my iPhone


  2. Lorene Noble

    Thank you for sharing the story. I did enjoy it when you all met up with them. And congratulations to you as well. What a wonderful experience!

  3. cojim

    Thanks for posting the follow-up, Enayet. What an amazing family and what an amazing experience they’ll remember for a lifetime.

  4. Sam

    Wow, really an amazing and inspirational pilgrimage by Neve family. Enayet, I am sure you and Pat will remember multiple encounters with the enchanting family during the Camino…

  5. Amy Bertorelli

    Thanks for the article. Neve is one unusual woman! And she has amazing kids. Interesting that you and Pat ran into them.



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