Awesome Pyrenees 

Bonus coverage: I did not think we would have cell data coverage in the Pyrenees, but I do, so one more post for all you virtual pilgrims! We will be in Spain tomorrow!

Hello from the Pyrenees. 

We spent yesterday in Saint Jean Pied-de-Port, the beautiful French border town. 

This morning we began our climb over the beautiful Pyrenees. 

We are spending the night in Orisson in the Pyrenees. Tomorrow we climb up the rest of the peak and drop down into Spain. We will complete our walk to Pamplona in about four days. 

5 thoughts on “Awesome Pyrenees 

  1. Lorene Noble

    The two of you are amazing. This has been a wonderful treat to see your view of the trail in your posts. The beauty in the architecture ! The beauty in the countryside and the beauty of the friends you made along the trail !! Safe travels to you both in the next few days. I look forward to seeing more pictures if possible.

  2. sakkar01

    I remember SJPDP and Orisson, both so beautiful I would not mind another visit. I remember Roncesvalle too, be careful going over- is the weather okay this time of year? When we did the Camino, we did this portion in August. I know there is a really bad patch that can have really bad visibility as we get into winter. Please be careful and don’t take any chances.

  3. Bob Wellauer

    Thanks for “bonus post.” In fact, thanks for all your posts. We’ve enjoyed them so much. Wishing you two continued good travels and many more fresh and inspiring experiences. Bob & Lizette

  4. Carolyn Loram

    Happiness is….!! For us and for you! Celebrate your birthday in camino style, Enayet! (fried eggs, perhaps??). Love to you both — Nani


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