Gorgeous Pakhora Valley 

Pakhora is the second largest city in Nepal. It is a beautiful drive, but unfortunately road conditions detract your attention from the prestine beauty around you. 

We stopped for a nice lunch at the hill town resort of Bandipur. 

We arrived late in the afternoon in Pakhora valley in the lake Fewa neighborhood. On a clear day the whole Anapurna range is visible from Pakhora mountains. 

In the morning we were up at 3:30 to visit Sarangkoth Peak to view the sunrise over the Pakhora valley and the Annapurna range. Anapurna is the ninth tallest Peak in the world and Pakhora is the launching pad for all the treks to ABC (Anapurna Base Camp). 

Unfortunately it was cloudy and rainy that morning but we still had some fabulous views!

After breakfast we went to the Mountain museum and Devi’s Fall. 

In the early afternoon we visited the   World Peace Pagoda, an absolutely peaceful and serene mountain structure. 

We capped the day with another walk by the beautiful Fewa lake. 

A truck stop scene along the drive. A part of real life and real Nepal. 

12 thoughts on “Gorgeous Pakhora Valley 

  1. Teresa

    Its so nice to see your beautiful pictures again! I’m looking forward to see more of your adventure!

  2. Penny Eppers

    Awesome pics! Can’t wait to see pics from the trek and how everyone fairs. You are all amazing. I’m such a wimp😬
    Seeing people caring wood is the same as Africa, to cook they need wood. Each child brings a large piece of wood/stick to school so they have hot lunches.

  3. Franziska & Michael from Germany

    Dear Enayer and Pat,
    Thanks for keeping us in the community
    Congratulation to this idea and the realization.
    We wish you all a great time and a save journey. God bless you.
    Michael and I spent 7 days in Amsterdam and now we cycle around Zeeland in the Netherlands.
    Love from Michael & Franziska


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