Unexpected reunion 

We left the beautiful canal behind us as we left this morning among the cool mist and clouds. 

About 2 hours into our walk, right near the entrance of a town, we saw a few pilgrims. They recognized us before we could make out who they were!

Neve and her five children were breaking down their camp and getting ready for the walk. What a pleasant and happy surprise!!!

We walked the rest of the way together with them and enjoyed our breakfast, snacks, and lunch together. 

We are staying in a tiny town with one bar/restaurant tonight. We said goodbye to Neve and the kids.  We hope we may see them again along the way!

6 thoughts on “Unexpected reunion 

  1. Amy Bertorelli

    so interesting, Neve, walking with 5 children…what a challenge! But what a great education for those kids! Where are they from, I wonder. Must have been a joyful walk with all.

  2. Sam Jiwani

    So nice to see Neve and her kids in pictures – I am sure, in person, it must be a pleasant experience every time you see them. Just like your first Camino where Sitara and her friends joined in, it is inspiring to see young kids taking up the Camino challenge. Is any of the 5 a speedy Gonzales like Sitara who used to take off and be the first one at that day’s destination and scout the food and lodging situation?

  3. Lorene

    What fun adventures you are having. Neve’s kids are getting a fabulous education for sure!!
    You take outstanding pictures too. Your pictures have inspired me to pick up my camera again.

  4. Franziska Schatz

    Dear Pat, dear Enayet,
    Thanks for allowing us to experience your trip again. We admire your persistence and your pleasure of walking the special pilgrimage.
    We hope that you are doing well and you are enjoying the journey.
    If you have time and desire, then you are welcome in our home, in Böhl-Iggelheim. We would be very pleased to see you again.
    Greetings from Franziska & Michael


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