A month on the Camino

Hard to imagine, but we have been walking the Chemin Le Puy now for a whole month. We did take about 5 days of rest along the way. We are about 60 % done (approximately 465 km). The path that started out being very grueling is becoming a bit gentler these days. Mornings are still the best time to walk, while afternoons are almost always hot! 
We saw this church from 1520 whose wall collapsed down the hill in 2004 (the church had been closed since 1956 due to large cracks). They have plans to restore this church at a cost of 315,000 (according to my limited French reading ability).

We passed by a few small towns to our destination this afternoon. 

A quick lunch in the shaded woods before heading out in the hot sun. 

We were happy to reach Lectoure in the early afternoon. As we reached the town center, guess who we ran into?  Our favorite 6!!  They were getting ready to move on to continue their trek for the day. It was again nice to spend little time with them before they headed on their way and we went to look for our accommodaion. 

1 thought on “A month on the Camino

  1. samji13700

    Wow! a month of grueling walk. Hope the second half is not as grueling.
    On this Camino, where you do not run into too many pilgrims, I am sure, it is very pleasant to run into “the cute party of 6”.


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