A walk in the park

If you have to walk 14 km with a backpack, that does not merit the title of a walk in the park!  But if you have been walking for almost a month on the GR 65, with climbs of 100 floors a day, in general, and you walk 14 km with a climb of only 2 floors for the day, then one may be justified in calling today “a walk in the park!!!”

I am getting ahead of myself though!  Last night we visited the beautiful 11th century church to listen to the nuns sing. Here is a brief snippet. 

Last night at the Chambre d’hôte we had a huge room that was bigger than our bedroom at home.   Today we had a shorter distance to cover, so we decided to start late and enjoy the comfort of an extra hour of sleep. 

Our path, it turns out, was along the canal the whole way.  We were treated to a beautiful and heavenly walk, with the canal to our right and the river Tam to our left. 

At about 3 km, we had the choice to follow a variant route of the GR 65 (which was 3 km longer and through a couple of mountains) or to continue along the canal! After yesterday’s mishap of when we missed a sign 3 km from town and took a variant that took us through tough mountains instead of along flat industrial streets, I guess we had an easy choice to make!  We chose the canal.

At 5km, the river Tam merged with a larger river, the Garonne. 

The canal had at least three locks that we passed, allowing the river boats and a yacht to traverse along the canal in both directions. 

Here you can see the boat going through a lock (note the levels of the boat and the water). 

Today we met our third Hungarian pilgrim. Doren started from Hungry on June 1st and plans to go all the way to Santiago. 

I saw this at our hotel last night and thought it was simple and sweet. 

5 thoughts on “A walk in the park

  1. Amy Bertorelli

    What a heavenly spectacular walk you had along the canal…! I think you definitely picked the right route. I wonder if there are canal boats available for hire to do that without walking, for another time. River trips are a big thing these day, so perhaps there is something like that, so the rest of us could enjoy what you saw today. It really took my breath away. Also, having attended 16 years of Catholic schools, I could almost hear those nuns singing….what a treat!
    Thank you for sharing this all with us! Amy

  2. Sam Jiwani

    I agree with Amy – canal route is definitely spectacular and good choice. Plus view of water is so soothing.
    After yesterday’s tough mountain route, I am sure “14 km walk with a backpack” felt like “a walk in the park”.


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