Surprise Reunion 

A week ago we talked about Annie, her husband Philippe, their friend Marie-Annick, and their camping-car.  Although we were on the Camino together a few days ago, by now they were a day ahead of us.  In the morning, they would be on their last day of the Camino for this year, so last night they drove over in the RV to our gite to say goodbye and to share a dessert that they bought for the occasion.  We were very happy to see them again.

We decided to have dinner together, because we needed to cook in the gite that night (everything was closed Sunday night). They added their melon and spaghetti to the meal and joined us.  I cooked up a sauce for the pasta. We also had pesto sauce on-hand.  It was wonderful to enjoy a home cooked meal in our tiny gite. 

Today we started early in the dark. The sun was conspicuously absent, yet in an hour the lightness had conquered the darkness as we traveled through a cool and cloudy morning. 

We arrived in time for lunch at the town of Moissac, famous for its 11th century church and the oldest cloister in the world, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


4 thoughts on “Surprise Reunion 

  1. thirdspacechronicles

    Wow! I love the architecture and cool cloudy days. Thanks for transporting me to another place and time😊

  2. Monique Henningfield-Paxton

    What a wonderful change for you all to have dinner in the RV with your friends. Your smiles are all so endearing. 🙂


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