Off the beaten path

We had a choice to make. Walk 10 km to the next town or go an additional 20 km to the next accommodaion on the path.  We wanted to split the difference and walk 15 today and 15 tomorrow. The only way was for us to go off route. 

We started early to watch once again the show of light and dark as the sun attempted to make us feel its presence. 

It was quiet and blissful all morning. 

We had a rare opportunity for a selfie!


The gite, it turns out, was miles away from the GR 65. Fortunately the lady was willing to pick us up today and drop us tomorrow (but not before 8 am). I guess we will miss the sunrise in the morning!

We are settled in an old horse/pony ranch right next to the river. We are the only two guests here to enjoy the dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and ponies. 

3 thoughts on “Off the beaten path

  1. Sam Jiwani

    Tough choices to make when you are hiking on one route or the other and there are not many options. Here, we sweat (if there is traffic or something) to take freeway (highway) or a street…
    Old horse/pony ranch must be an experience.


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