Sunrise Sequence 

We left Figeac early and began climbing out of the city in the dark. 

We traveled under the umbrella of the trees in the darkness.  As we reached the top, the sun was emerging from behind the mountain and the trees. We were fortunate to witness a beautiful sunrise over the next few minutes. 

We walked along the country roads  and paths most of the day with a couple of stops in little villages for snacks. 

Just before lunch we ran into two primary-school teachers, Marie Annick and Annie, from France, who wanted to practice English and were willing to teach us French. We enjoyed their company the rest of the day. 

We passed by an old, French buron, a round, stone structure stacked from the inside, upward, without mortar or wood (including the roof) to shelter shepherds tending their sheep.  The buron can be found only in this region of central France. 

We ended our walk of 21 km and 145 floor climb to the outskirts of Grealou. We are settled at the Gite for the night. There will be a communal dinner soon as there is no other food options for another 10 km!

5 thoughts on “Sunrise Sequence 

  1. Penny Eppers

    Hi, I’m Garrett Eppers mom and good friend of Chand’s. I have enjoyed reading about your adventure and pics everyday with my morning coffee. I feel like I’m traveling with you down the path. Thanks for sharing.
    Take Care,
    Penny Eppers

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Beautiful sunrise pictures.
    “no other food options for another 10 km!” – just thinking… Here in US, we never have to think about such situations.

  3. Hannah

    I am so proud of you for making this trek! What strength and determination. Also I love following your trip, adventures along the way and the pictures.


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