Rock of Amadour dates back to the upper Paleolithic age, although its recent history dates back to 1152. The body of a well-preserved hermit, believed to be that of Saint Amadour, was discovered in the cave in 1166.  This site has become a site of pilgrimage, and a great many miracles are attributed to the Saint.  Churches were built in the cave. Four hospitals were built to accommodate the heavy traffic of pilgrims.  In 1562, the war leaders of Bessonie and Marchastal plundered the place. In the 19th century, Rocamadour came back to life, restored in the spirit of its time. 

Our rest day today took us past the river Cele to the train station in Figeac. A 30-minute train ride took us to a station located 4 km from the village of Rocamadour.  A cool morning walk took us to the edge of the old town.  Here is our journey in pictures. 

5 thoughts on “Rocamadour

  1. richard e shull

    Pat and Enayet, Hello, I just thought to check your blog and what a suprise to see you are doing the Le Puy walk!! So nice to see you guys, it looks as though you are having a marvelous time. Looks like you are meeting lots of walkers. Rich and I take off on Monday, the 12th, to walk the Way of St Francis. We start in Florence and walk to Rome! So happy to see you both, love the pictures, they bring back good memories
    Bon Camino


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