Hot Day

Leaving late as we did today (drop off at the trail at 8:30), not only did we miss our daily sunrise, but we had to endure an extra two hours of walking in the afternoon!

We enjoyed our evening at the pony ranch. 

It was quiet and peaceful. After the morning breakfast at the ranch, we began our quiet walk of the day. There was nothing spectacular along the way, although the day was peaceful. 

Out of the blue, we saw a sheep gallop past us.  A few minutes later, we saw the shepherd and his dog herding a large flock. We informed him of the fact that one had taken off. He seemed not too worried!

We have been crisscrossing with this man for last few days. Turns out he speaks English, so I was able to find out few things. 

Zoltan is from Hungry. He started his walk in May from Hungry. 

We also met Philippe on the path. He is the husband of Annie whom we introduced you to two days ago.  He’s a fast hiker, whereas the girls like to go slowly.    

Listen to this brilliant way in which he, Annie and Marie Annick travel the French Camino:  They rented a camping-car (an RV).  Philippe rides his bicycle to the day’s end point while the two girls begin walking from the start point.  Philippe walks the Camino backwards, and they cross paths somewhere in the middle and eat their lunch together. Then they keep walking in their opposite directions.  Philippe reaches the start point and retrieves the camping-car, drives it to the end point, and meets the girls.  

Brilliant!!  No one carries a backpack!  No one has to make reservations at a gite.  All can take showers inside the camping-car if the campsite doesn’t have one.  Anyone can choose not to walk in a day if they so choose.  Everyone sleeps comfortably.  Brilliant!

This works in France because the GR 65 is marked in both directions!

We are settled in a gite “Clos des Escoutilles” in Varaire.   They told us that we have one more day of heat. After that to expect cooler weather as well as some rain!

3 thoughts on “Hot Day

  1. Sam Jiwani

    Phillippe, Annie and Marie has come up with a practical and convenient way to do their Camino. It sounds like a great idea for a group Camino…
    Is heat better or rain?


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