Top of the world

Last night we were nestled in a steep valley in Conques.  We had spent the night in the St. Foy abbey located close to the top of the conch-shaped town (hence the name, Conques).  

This morning we had to go down to the bottom of the valley to the creek, cross a creek on an old bridge and then begin a steep climb up the next mountain range. 

Here from the halfway-point of our upward climb, you can see the town of Conques that we left behind. 

The panoramic view upon reaching the top was wonderful. 

The rest of the day we went up and down hills, but we always we had the panoramic view all around.

Finally, today we found quite a few ripe blackberries to enjoy along the way. 

After 22 km of walking in the sun and 150 floors of climbing, we got to our gite only to find out that we needed to walk another 2 km further into town to get our dinner and to buy a picnic breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.  On the way into town, we ran into Neve and her family as they were planning to have a late lunch. 

3 thoughts on “Top of the world

  1. Sam Jiwani

    Great panoramic views but with all the up and down hills must be torturous. I know you guys have been practicing for a while but this Camino really brings lot more challenges- good luck.
    Running into Neve and her heroic kids must be a fun experience.


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