Long hike

We started early again as we had a long hike ahead of us! We were staying two km outside of a large city so first the 4 km was moving through city/country streets. 

We stopped for breakfast and coffee at around 9. 

We sat for lunch under the shade of a tree by the church. As we  were eating, the nuts fell on our head. Turned out it was a hazel nut tree! We enjoyed a few of them. 

Here are few other fruit trees along the way (tomatoes, apricot, plum, and fig). 

As we were finishing lunch, Neve and her gang of children arrived (notice the umbrella to protect from the hot sun). 

We walked with them for a bit. We saw them again in an hour at another church. The paintings are from 14th century. 

After 24 km and 170 floors we arrived at our Chambre d’hôte. We needed this beautifu place to recharge ourselves after a long day. 

Here are few panoramic shots from today as we bid you goodnight. 

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