Excited Donkey

We love the early morning hike. The body feels healed from the night’s rest, and we are ready to experience the cool breeze and the sun’s emergence into the scene. As usual it was beyond words. 

We passed a cute little town. 

I saw this Donkey all by his lonesome and decided to greet him with a hee-haw. He got all excited and responded with his own hee-haw so loudly I though I had met a long lost cousin. He immediately began following me to the end of his pasture. I had to promise him that I would find him some apples and come back and feed him!

After 15 km and 82 floors, we unexpectedly descended into the 11th century monks’ town of Conques. 

We met Neve and her 5 children in the church as they were spending the day in Conques. 

Our tour guide happens to be the model on the guide booklet. 

After the tour, we all enjoyed some time together at the restaurant. 

4 thoughts on “Excited Donkey

  1. Sam Jiwani

    Simply beautiful- the guide/model, the church and the pictures.

    Neve ‘s kids- having experience of a lifetime- hope Neve writes a book.

    Interesting encounter with the donkey…

  2. Monique Henningfield-Paxton

    I love the donkey, but love even more that you kept your promise to him 🙂 (I never doubted you would!!)


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