Our rest day in fairyland deserves some more pictures. Here they are. 

We also had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Neve from North Carolina and her five children Aynsleigh -9; Bronwyn-11; Tristan- 13; Aynsleigh -9, Bronwyn-11, Tristan- 13, Karsh-15, and Reichen-17.  This is the woman and 5 well-behaved children we have been hearing of all along the Camino and whom we mentioned to you a few days ago.  We were so happy to finally meet them!

They were a joy to spend some time with. Such a special mother and a wonderful family truly enjoying the outdoors and the Camino journey. 

3 thoughts on “Fairyland

  1. sakkar

    Such beautiful pictures, such scenic villages – wish I was there. What a blast for those 5 children – maybe we can provide this experience to our grand kids since our children are grown now!

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Kudos to Neve for giving beautiful Camino experience to her 5 kids.

    Wow with a fairyland like this who needs Disney’s fairyland.


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