Magic Kingdom

So far, every day has been up and down hills most of the day. Today was no different!  Even though we started at the river Lot, visited a Disney-like city of Espalion, and ended up in yet another Disney-like city of Estaing, we barely were able to walk 10 minutes along the river. Usually a river-walk would be easy.  But today’s walk went through steep hills and was anything but.  Up and down was the motto!  All told, 22 km and 105 floors today.  Way too much!  Which means a rest day tomorrow!!!
I will let the pictures do the talking today.

6 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom

  1. Sam Jiwani

    Outstanding sights (and possibly sounds) but 22km and 105 floors must be rough. Break day or two (hopefully with foot massage and sauna/ jacuzzi) should help.

  2. Teresa

    So many beautiful places. What a wonderful meal after your adventure! Thank goodness for “rest” days too! Touring the town you are in is a nice “rest day”!


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