Foggy Morning

We woke up to a beautiful and foggy landscape. We had a short distance to travel today, so we stayed behind at the gite long enough to have a typical French breakfast of bread, jam, coffee/tea/orange juice.  We ate with the other pilgrims with whom we had had dinner the night before (about 6 pilgrims and 6 tourists). 

We left around 7:30 and began enjoying the wide open vistas. The cows were out grazing in green pastures while the clanging of their bells filled the air with sweet music.  Clouds still hung low in the valleys.

Miniature wild flowers were abundant along the path and became my curiosity. 

After 11 km and 50 floors, we concluded our easy day of walking to Nasbinals.  Our backpacks now just feel to be a part of us. It is nice to be finally comfortable with them.

10 thoughts on “Foggy Morning

  1. Sakkar K Azizuddin

    is the orange juice fresh like the one you enjoyed on Camino Frances? it is good to see pictures of both of you together with the scenery.

  2. Shalini Swaroop

    Love the pictures of the flowers, but most especially love the picture of the two of you at sunrise!

  3. cojim

    I am impressed as always with your progress and with the beautiful photos you’ve been posting, but I have one question: You refer to elevation gains in terms of floors, which I presume relates to floors in a multistory building. Since the floor-to-floor height can vary considerably between buildings, can you say how many feet your device is using as an average floor height?

  4. Bilquis

    Lovely wild flowers – well captured! This is one of my interests to freeze them in time to enjoy watching them again and again later. I enjoyed these photos in your past Camino too! Keep taking them and posting them. Happy walking with backpacks😄


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