Back in the Sadle again

Aumont Aubrac is a sweet little village with one grocery store, one church and two of everything else. Most of the stores are closed Sunday afternoon and 1/2 the business are closed on Monday. Fortunately we were in one of the well-known gites in town (most people book their rooms 3 months in advance!) and had wonderful dinners on two nights at the gite. 

Our chef serving us mashed potatoes with cheese, garlic, and cream (a local delicacy). 

Enjoying the town. 

This morning we left early as usual.  The sky was cloudy with a cool breeze blowing. 

It is so peaceful and serene as the light filters in and the sky gets brighter as we walk through the wide open ranch/farm land. 

The sun made a few vain attempts to break through the clouds but never quite made it through. First time during our hike so far that we wore our jackets through the whole way. 

We see people carrying all kinds of backpacks. Today these two caught our attention. 

We made good time covering 16 km with a climb of 85 floors. 

We are settled in a Chambre  d’hôte located out in the middle of fields.  This is the view from our window.  As you can the sun is finally victorious. 

9 thoughts on “Back in the Sadle again

  1. sakkar01

    Oh I love thise communal dinners. How relaxed you look without the backpack and in flip flops. Thats a very cute picture of the two of you (in a rear view mirror)? Looks like someone found an easy way to carry their backpack!

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Yes!! We and our back packs are now one!! It is precious being out here, outside all day. It makes me very happy! French dinners have been fun–eating with other pilgrims, tasting different flavors, having fresh fruits and vegetables. At lunch today, as the menu-du-jour, they offered Boeuf Bourgogne!

  2. carla

    Enayat and pat, I love the pictures of the flowers and the animals grazing. It is also nice to see photos of the two of you ! It looks like there are very few pilgrims walking at this time of the year or on this route, Is this the Camino that you have run into few people or was the previous one less crowded ? I am just wondering. May the sun shine brightly for the rest of your journey. How many more miles to walk ? are you there yet ? just joking. Love and hugs. Beun Camino my friend. Camino Carla , in denver

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Carla, this is Pat speaking. I think you would very much like this Camino, alone or with your family. We have met several different women and men of all ages walking it alone. This portion, anyway, is rolling hills, not too hard, although days 1 and 2 were killers, but that always seems true in the beginning.

      We have been told of a mother from Alabama and her 5 well-behaved children ages 9-17 walking all the way from Le Puy to Santiago. They are apparently about 1 day ahead of us. I hope we meet them. The mother home-schools them. What a fabulous experience for them all.

      Thank you for your well-wishes and comments. We love hearing from all of you! —Pat


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