Pat’s message to our girls

We are here, ensconced in a very pretty gite. We are showered, our clothes are washed and drying. Dad is napping, and I am sitting on a chair next to an open, screened ceiling-to-floor window overlooking flowers and the courtyard 6 ft below. And writing to you!

It’s 3:15 pm here. Today’s walk was lovely. We left at 6:20 am to sweet, dark coolness with the sun just about ready to rise. I love this time of day, with the air still, the village asleep, roosters soon to crow their cacophony off in the distance.

The path was gently rolling today, the views, breathtaking. We walked steadily until about 11:00 am when we stopped beside the trail to take our packs off, rest and eat a baguette sandwich of lettuce, mayo, chicken. It hit the spot.

I thought this was beautiful and conveyed our scenic walk. All I need to do is add the pictures. 

Today also turned out to be a social day, especially after lunch. We met Bart from Belgium first. 

As finishing lunch, we met Renee, Jacque, and Claude again (we had had dinner with them a few days ago). 

Pat having conversations with Claudine and Marie-Claude, two French former pre-school teachers.

This is the gite where we stay tonight and tomorrow night (tomorrow is our rest day after 6 consecutive days of walking). It will be nice to check out the town while wearing our sandals and without backpacks.  Simple joys. 

Btw, we walked 15 km and climbed 117 floors. 

9 thoughts on “Pat’s message to our girls

  1. sakkar01

    So Enayet, you now have a helper in Pat for the writing; that is good! i know we werent much of a help during our Camino walk and shied away from writing though we too were anxious to read your posts. i am glad you are taking a rest day tomorrow.
    What is that little hut? Does anyone live there? The gite looks lovely. is gite the same as an alburgue except it is someone doing it out of their house?

    1. ejiwani Post author

      The hut is for the pilgrims to rest and have a shelter from sun and rain.
      A gite is like an alburgue except I have not seen a bunk bed yet.

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Ctissy, it’s so good to hear from you! If you like to hike, you would love this! Consider doing this as a family. You get to be outdoors all day long!

  2. Shalini Swaroop

    What a pleasure to hear Pat Auntie’s “voice” on the blog! Enayet Uncle, you may have some blogging competition!


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