Yesterday and Today

Yesterday was a hot day, and we walked 17 km and climbed 107 floors. We stayed in a tiny town 1/2 km away from the GR 65. The town consisted of few houses, a restaurant, and a sizable cemetery.  The whole town was without electricity all afternoon.  That should not effect cellular service, I thought.  But no, besides no electricity, there was no cellular service, either. Even when the electricity returned, the phone did not work properly.  We had fun taking our showers in a pitch dark shower room!
Here are a sampling of pictures from yesterday. 

We wilted from the heat yesterday.  Climbing in the blazing sun was draining.  After our showers (without electricity) and a rest, we had a nice dinner at the restaurant with 5 other pilgrims (all from France) at a table outside the restaurant. It was a pleasant way to enjoy an evening. 

We decided to leave our gite before sunrise this morning so that we could finish our 19 km before the day became too hot!  It was a beautiful morning with some wide open vistas. 

We came across this alburgue 6 km from our starting point.  It has 40 beds, is the only place around, and is always occupied (based on a discussion with our French gite-mates). We stopped there  for a brief breakfast before we moved on.

Most of the morning was cool with a nice, refreshing breeze. 

Later in the day, we ran into the  French couple, Sevreen and Fredrick, who stayed at the same gite with us last night.

We also met two ladies from South Korea. We have seen mostly French and a few Germans.  These were our first South Koreans.

We made it to our destination without a meltdown. The early start, rolling hills, and cool breeze allowed us to complete our 19 km and 85 floor climb with just sore muscles.

10 thoughts on “Yesterday and Today

  1. Amy Bertorelli

    Love the shadow picture of the two of you. Looks like this day was a good one, with less heat. It must be hard to get up so early … after all, you are on vacation… yes? But once you get going, it looks to be all worth it…nice traveling with you. Amy

    1. ejiwani Post author

      It is amazing what a nights rest does for our body’s. Both Pat and I cherish our morning walks so getting up is a joy. We loose ourselves in the serenity and beauty of the day and walking is easy.

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Food has been wonderful. We have learned to take breakfast and lunch with us and have picnics in beautiful spots. Dinner have been mostly with other pilgrims as a community meal usually 4 course so we are not losing any weight yet!

  2. Sam Jiwani

    Must be rough at times without basic services like electric and cell phone. Hope weather gets better and better…

    1. ejiwani Post author

      The mornings are easy and beautiful. After the 3rd day even afternoon is getting easier as the body is adapting to this beautiful new lifestyle.

  3. Agnes De Doncker

    it looks like you guys are having a great time again
    the mornings look to be so perfect for a great walk


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