No service!

We walked 15 km and climbed 107 floors today. We are settled in this tiny town that had no power most of the after (hence no service). 

The power is back but the network is not worth anything as I can’t upload any pictures at all. We are doing great and enjoying a peaceful day. The best way to beat the heat is to be done early so we will start again early in the morning.  We will try and post pictures when we have a better connection. 

3 thoughts on “No service!

  1. sakkar01

    its fun not to have power sometimes because it forces you to dis-connect (from all the electronics) but given what you are doing, you guys are already pretty dis-connected from all the technology we are subjected too daily but enjoy anyway!

  2. Shalini Swaroop

    I know that you “religiously” post for us vicarious adventurers, but don’t do it at the expense of living in the moment! Miss you guys!


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