Golden Sunrise

For the first 3 days of our hike we were in the volcanic region of Deves.  For the last 5 days we have been in the mountain region of Aubrac.  Today we climbed to the town of Aubrac (1307 m) atop the mountain .  Then we descended for the next 7 km to the town of St. Chely d’Aubrac (810 m). 

We started at 6:30 in the morning. As usual the morning hour was enchanting. 

When the sun finally became visible, the forest was captured in the soft golden glow. 

Usually we walk beside pastures.  Today, however, we walked within the pastures, themselves, with all the cows!

If you pay attention to the picture below, you will notice the way-markings for the Via Podiensis (GR65).  Parallel white and red bars indicate the way (notice extreme right of the picture), whereas a cross of white and red bars (extreme left of the picture) indicates the wrong direction. 

We continued our gradual climb through pastures to the town of Aubrac. 

We stopped for coffee in the town of Aubrac with Joe and Jude from  Australia (both retired principals). 

Fortunately the downhill portion was well-shaded. 

In St. Chely d’Aubrac we have a gorgeous view from our balcony. 

Enjoying ice cream, coffee, and a local treat with Genevieve and Bruno. 

We ended up walking 18 km and 68 floors today. 

8 thoughts on “Golden Sunrise

  1. sakkar01

    Beautiful sun-glow pictures. Did you have to dodge cow-pies like we did in Galicia? Almost sounds like a slow day when you say 18 km but then there is all those floors! Keep on trekking!

    1. ejiwani Post author

      Fortunately we were in vast plateau with enough room to worry about cow pies. Although heard about one person stepping in one, and one falling backwards on one (dinner stories).

  2. Bob Wellauer

    Hi Patti & Enayet, Once again we’ve been enjoying the narrative and photos of you two “Camino Mystics.” Each trip brings you into so many new settings and adventures, literally from sunrise to sunset. We so much appreciate your sharing these experiences with us. Wishing you continuing good steps along your “Way.” Much Love,
    Bob & Lizette Wellauer

  3. Sam Jiwani

    Is the cow trying to take a selfie with Pat?
    Interesting direction markers- I wonder if you miss one, do they have more to get the pilgrims back on the route.

    1. ejiwani Post author

      They have the sign on the path every 100 meter or less. If you don’t see one for 5 minutes means turn back to the last one you saw and start again. We have not missed one yet!

  4. Amy Bertorelli

    Those early morning shots are so peaceful…I can see why you are anxious to begin and capture all that peace.

  5. Lorene Noble

    Such beautiful pictures!! Thanks for letting me experience such a beautiful trip. I look forward to more stories and fabulous pictures.


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