Short Day

We wanted today to be a day to acclimate ourselves to the GR 65 route and get used to carrying our backpacks.  We left our comfortable Airbnb studio at 7:30 am. 

We picked up the route at the Cathedral and proceeded out of town. 

I just loaded my first picture, and it took forever!!! We are at our rest stop for the day. There is no wifi here and not much of a cellular reception.  I will try and load few more pictures to give you a sense of the countryside. 

The closest town is 1/2 km back, and it has no wifi either! The town’s population is 927 people. There are neither stores nor restaurants there, just a picnic area for all the hikers to mingle and eat their lunches.  Our lodgings provide a dinner meal, and the proprietor has said she will make us a picnic lunch for tomorrow.  

We walked about 12 km today and climbed 104 floors.  A good hike to get in shape for longer days ahead.
Here are some highlights from today’s walk. 

Looking back toward Le Puy. 

Turns out, if you don’t want to carry your backpack, you may be in luck!

Thank you for all your comments and best wishes. The best reward for Pat and Me is to go over those comments. 

9 thoughts on “Short Day

  1. Amy Bertorelli

    It looks like you have a good start…here’s hoping it’s a perfect trip! Your photos are “the best”!

  2. Sakkar K Azizuddin

    What a beautiful cathedral and good pose of both of you at the foot of the stairs – lovely picture – worth framing. beautiful countryside too – good idea to make it a short day on the first day! maybe i should hire a mule to walk with me and carry my backpack next time i do the Camino, then we can walk as much or as little as we want rather than having to decide ahead of time where to send my backpack.

  3. sakkar01

    Does not look like my earlier comment posted so i will rewrite it: what a beautiful cathedral and good pose of both of you at the foot of the stairs. Beautiful countryside too. I think i should hire a mule to walk with me to carry my backpack next time i do the Camino, this way we dont have to decide ahead of time how much or how little we are going to walk!!!

    eagerly awaiting the next blog.

  4. Agnes De Doncker

    I took a look at map of France and this is really a beautiful area .. . but a long walk enjoy and looking forward to the next blog

  5. Amyn Premji

    OMG that mule is such a great idea for people like me, this way I may be able to bring more than one backpack 😉

    Love the pictures, especially the cathedral. Great beginning. Enjoy every minute 🙂

  6. Shalini

    It is amazing that Wi-Fi allows us to vicariously experience the Camino! Makes me think about when the journey was months away from family and community. Glad you can take us with you!


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