Another Adventure 

For the first time in our lives, Pat and I are empty nesters. Sitara has moved to Washington, DC, and Chand is in Boston. We all left Denver around the same time heading for new adventures. For us, that adventure brings us to Le Puy-en-Velay to begin our Camino walk. The Le Puy route, or Chemin du Puy in French, is the most popular pilgrimage route in France. The route is 736 km (450 miles long, starting in Le Puy-en-Velay passing through Conques, Figeac, Cahors, Moissac, Aire-sir-l’Adour and Navarrenx before it reaches the border town of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (where we began our first Camino two years ago). 

We were introduced to this path during our walk last year by Richard and Margie as we traveled alongside them during our Camino del Norte journey. Le Puy route was one of their favorite and scenic Camino walks. 

We are settled here in Le Puy at the base of the rock of St. Michel.  The chapel was built on this rock in 961 after the bishop returned from his pilgrimage to Santiago. 

Tomorrow morning we will begin our journey starting from the cathedral of Notre Dame. 

We will head out of town down the hill to begin our first of many climbs as we treverse the famous GR 65 route theough the villages of France. 

21 thoughts on “Another Adventure 

  1. Ahmed Hussein

    Hi Pat and Enayet.

    Wow! The Third 500 mile hike. I am not sure if there is anyone else who has done this three times. We are very proud of you and wish you the best. Thank you so much for Keeping us informed. How in the world did they build a chapel on top of a rock in 961?

    I have added 50 miles to your route because you automatically do that with roaming around the town and various side trips.

    We enjoy the comments you add to the photographs. We appreciate the extra time and effort.

    Ya Ali Madad

    Ahmed and Linda

  2. Agnes De Doncker

    Pat & Enayet
    great the hear that we are all traveling again 🙂 looking forward to the beautiful pictures
    save travels

  3. cojim

    Congratulations on this new adventure! You two are surely hooked on long distance walking. We will be following you vicariously. Bon Chemin.

  4. Janna Pijoan

    Thank you for sharing your inspiring journeys! We look forward to your further adventures on the way. Janna and Oliver Pijoan

  5. Sakkar

    I woke up this morning to a very pleasant surprise, a blog entry from the Camino. Now I know, I will have something to look forward to every morning – a report of your daily adventure on the Camino which I am unable to join you on this time around. I wish you fun and safe travels; let us also know how much climbing you are doing every day in addition to the miles walked.

    I cant believe that church on the rock built in 961 without modern tools and technology – how much faith (not just labor, planning and effort) it must have taken to build. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures; as someone else mentioned in their post, I will be enjoying this Camino vicariously through your eyes.

    Love and the Best; may the Source be with you always,

  6. Chrsitine Harrington

    Congratulations on the empty nest; glad to hear your children are doing well! I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see that you are on another journey so that we can all be transported from our daily lives with your beautiful pictures and commentary.
    Fair winds and a safe journey!

  7. carla

    Hats off to you both. I am excited to read about your travels every day. The pictures you sent are beautiful as always. Enayat, what camera do you carry ? Enjoy this adventure and keep the people at home posted. Much love and hugs. I know this will also be a great trip as your other two Caminos. Carla, wishing she was with you.

    1. ejiwani Post author

      I carry my iPhone 6 which I use to take pictures and to post the blog using WordPress.

      I am hoping we can do the next one with larger group like the first one! Thanks.

      1. sakkar01

        I think it is the picture taker rather than the camera that deserves the credit. i carry an iPhone6 too and my pictures never come even close to the kind of pictures Enayet takes and sends – no wonder, i am not posting a blog with pictures.

  8. carla

    Enayet, what are those flags on either side of the road in your last picture ? They remind me of Buddhist prayer flags. Good luck on your walk tomorrow. W
    aiting to read what new adventures you have. Hugs, Camino Carla still in Denver.

  9. Ahmed Hussein

    Dear Pat and Enayet Thank you again for the beautiful pictures. It is much more fun to see your beautiful photos than to be on the trails that you are on. Although thousands have passed through these trails they do not appear to be easy for people like me even to walk a mile. You guys are really amazing to do this for the third time.

    Only you can feel the pain of waking in the rain, cold weather, hot weather, muddy and uneven trails and on top of that carrying a load of about 50 pounds. You very seldom get nice bed and mostly eat the same food day in day out. I do understand that the joy and peace you get on these beautiful places cannot be explained in words or pictures. Only few lucky ones on this earth are able to have this experience. Keep up with the journey and best of luck.

    All your family members and friends are extremely, extremely proud and happy for you.

    1. ejiwani Post author

      We both feel so blessed to be on this journey. We almost always during the day say to each other how blessed we are. The morning walk is especially sweet as we feel we are communing wit the Devine. The chirping of the bird and the sweet breeze feels intoxicating.

  10. Ahmed Hussein

    Dear Pat and Enayet

    You guys always look fresh, happy, and alert as if today is the first day of your 3rd Camino Mystic.

    We really enjoy the beautiful pictures of all the flowers and also the early morning pictures. I always enlarge them to get a closer look.

    Was glad to know about your long lost cousin. Thank you for keeping your promise. I really enjoyed the apples…….:)


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